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Platinum Nuke Pro

Platinum Nuke Pro! 7.6.PNPv.1.0.0

Currently Under Development: Platinum Nuke Pro is highly modified Content Management System (CMS) with lots of new features, mods and other enhancements that takes you far beyond the basic Platinum version.

Featuring a massive range of new and exciting features including the ability to dynamically load CSS / JS files , Tags, Social Bookmarking, colorbox (built in), and CKeditor just to name a few, and allows for a wide range of extra addons such as modules, blocks, mods and themes to make your site look it best. The idea behind this project is to have a PHP Nuke based cms that is fully loaded without loosing security, speed or its flexibility. Platinum Nuke Development Team has been working very hard on upgrading the entire CMS to PHP 5.3+ and html4.01 compliance as well as upgrading several modules.

New Features: 7.6.PNPv.1.0.0 :

Updated code to php5.3+ compliance.
Fixed initial user group.
Added the ability to load .js and .css to the head and body dynamically in a standard way.
Ckeditor with colorbox and youtube mods.
Tricked Out News Module, upgraded using the orginal Nuke Platinum news module. You can Configure the number of News columns 1 or 2 in the index, right blocks on/off, turn on/off social bookmarks all via the admin panel.
Update Old Content Module to Newer Content Plus Module
Update Coppermine for Php-Nuke 1.3.2
Collapsing Forum MOD (C.F.I.)
Multiple Ranks forum mod.
Replaced older CNBYA Your Account To newer Version 4.4.2
Replaced the Docs module for newer Legal Module.


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Platinum Nuke Pro Help

Platinum Nuke Pro Help

Apr 23, 2015

  Installation or any other problems post here


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